The Pride series new electric fireplace (kominek elektryczny) which is denoted by the letter B, is distinguished by the presence of a more substantial frame that is affixed to the front panel, which is likewise constructed completely of glass. Developed for use in wall mounting and built-in furniture, two applications in which, as stated by previous customers, it enables you to showcase all of the series’ charm and elegance.

Because of the expansive frame that is created by covering the glass front panel with a black covering, as in the Pride series, it works well in both contemporary and traditional settings, such as when stone or stained wood is used in the arrangement.

The LED 60 NH insert is our response to the need for modular fireplaces that can be coupled with one another to extend the width and, thus, the impact. These fireplaces may be combined in a variety of ways. In the version with a single fireplace, we have the option of closing off the sides of the device with mirror walls, which creates the impression of more space inside the fireplace.

kominek elektryczny

This new electric fireplace (kominek elektryczny) gadget has the benefit of allowing fireplaces to be connected to one another, which increases the surface area as well as the light impact, allowing for widths of 80, 160, 240, 320 cm and much more. Remote control and application control on mobile devices. The model has been modified so that it may either be built-in or mounted on the wall. There is no windshield on this vehicle.

New features loaded

This gorgeously blazing hearth is ideal for use as an insert for built-in furniture, but it is also suitable for installation in classic fireplaces that are no longer in use and are given a second chance at life as a result of the ban on burning wood.

The new electric fireplace kominek elektryczny  high-quality craftsmanship and the unexpectedly realistic visual impact of the flame and glowing logs based on LED lighting are convincing a growing number of customers who wish to calm down and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life in a hurry.