Most people recognise that the quality of your rifle is heavily influenced by the quality of your scope. The same applies to air rifles. That is why, based on owner air rifle scope reviews, you have to choose the sort of sight. Perhaps it can aid you in selecting the best one for your requirements. You can even buy the best air rifle scope under 100 as well. However, learn more about it in the sections below.

Scopes: Fixed vs. Variable

Fixed scopes have a fixed magnification that cannot be changed. They have the benefit of being simpler to maintain and set since once sighted in, you won’t have to bother about calibrating it very often.

Variable air rifle scopes, on the other hand, may be set to different zoom settings. However, because the moving elements can get misaligned, they frequently require modification and refining. Variable scopes, on the other hand, are more adaptable since they may be used for long-range hunting as well as mid- to close-range shooting.

Observational lenses

Any scope’s objective lenses are significant because they govern the quantity of light that enters the scope at any one time. A bigger objective lens produces a brighter and crisper image, especially in low-light situations. Furthermore, bigger objective lenses affect the scope’s final capacity to magnify a target. Hence, a larger objective lens achieves greater magnification than a smaller objective lens.

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You should think about the magnification power of the scope you need in connection to how you want to use your air rifle. A greater magnification fixed zoom scope could make sense for sports or long-distance shooting contests. For hunters, a mid-range variable zoom scope is appropriate, while tiny magnification scopes are good for pest management. Buy best air rifle scope under 100

Tube dimensions

Some of the greatest air rifle scopes use 30mm tubes. The additional 4mm tube diameter over and above the regular 26mm scope tubes allows these scopes to be built more solidly and accommodate bigger internal lenses. Internal lenses with larger apertures improve light transmission and, as a result, image quality.


The most effective air rifle sights are not inexpensive. Make sure the sight you purchase can withstand difficult terrain, recoil from your air rifle, and your hunting or shooting technique. It should be able to endure any type of collision or shock. In rifle scopes in this price range, nitrogen purging is present. It protects against fogging and temperature fluctuations. Watertight scopes with O-ring seals keep internal systems dry even in damp weather.