Water pipes called hookahs are used to smoke tobacco that has been carefully produced and comes in a variety of tastes, including apple, mint, cherry, chocolate, coconut, licorice, cappuccino, and watermelon. Although many users mistakenly believe it to be less dangerous, smoking a hookah has many of the same health dangers as smoking cigarettes. Narghile, argileh, shisha, hubble-bubble, and goza are further names for hookah. The size, shape, and design of hookahs vary. A contemporary hookah often comprises a metal body, a water bowl, a head (with holes in the bottom), and a flexible hose with a mouthpiece. The same mouthpiece is frequently handed from person to person while smoking a hookah in a group.

Materials for Hookah Vases

The primary function of a shisha vase is to filter and chill the smoke using a liquid, hence the vase’s design really has no bearing on the outcome. Basic glass vases with a seal are said to be the greatest flasks for russian-style hookah vases from the standpoint of the materials used — this is the pinnacle of good attributes and simplicity of use. They are convenient to use, easy to clean, and do not absorb smells. Their nice benefit also allows you to keep an eye on the water level because the glass is still translucent.

Impacts on Health

Smoking tobacco through a hookah offers significant health dangers to both smokers and others who come into contact with the smoke.

Smoking hookahs and cancer

  • By creating significant amounts of metals, cancer-causing compounds, and carbon monoxide, the charcoal used to heat the tobacco might increase health concerns.
  • High concentrations of these hazardous substances are present in hookah smoke, even after it has been through water.
  • Several hazardous substances included in hookah tobacco and smoke is known to induce bladder, mouth, and lung cancers.
  • Hookah tobacco juices irritate the tongue and raise the possibility of getting oral cancer.

Sizes of vases

Unless we are discussing compatibility with the hookah shaft, the vase’s volume is not the most crucial factor. Three categories may be made based on the vases’ sizes:

Low vases

They have a capacity of under 250 ml. They do not effectively cool the smoke, and the draught passing through them is stronger. They provide an unsteady structure when a high shisha shaft is present, yet they are ideal for desktop tiny hookahs.

Small vases

The best option and middle ground in the hookah universe. They are utilized for shafts that are less than 29 inches tall and 1 inch submerged in vases but do not reach the bottom.

Towering vases

They are utilized for thick shafts longer than 30 inches. The goal is to establish the right distance between the bottom and the end of the shaft, as well as a counterweight to prevent the hookah from dropping. It has a mild draught since there is a lot of air above the liquid, which not everyone loves.