If you planning to go abroad for higher studies, then you have to pass the language examinations. IELTS is one of the popular language exams which is highly considered in most countries. Here are some tips that will help you to find the right tutor for the IELTS exam preparation.


If you are searching for an excellent tutor for Exam Prepartation courses for all subjects, then you need to look at the experience of the tutor. A good IELTS tutor with a high level of experience will tell you the shortest and easiest ways to pass the exam. They can guide you effectively in exam preparation.

Learn from an expert in British English

Standard British English dominates the IELTS exam. The ideal IELTS tutor has a deep understanding of British English. Native speakers of English who have studied British English also make excellent IELTS tutors.

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Tutor with Certification

A tutor with the certification is a good sign for teaching IELTS. It indicates professionalism and only the well-trained British English persons can get the certification of TESOL.

Check the Tutor is available offline and online

It is possible to find the IELTS training school in your location which provides the face to face training. If you live in a big city, you could find it near your location. Online tutoring is best for only those who are out of the city. Online, there is webcam-based tutoring, you will available a wide range of tutors.

Good tutor to fulfill the needs

Pre-made tutoring lessons are offered by some tutoring companies. The materials and lessons are already been chosen for you and your tutor. This way of tutoring is not better for all. Because one size does not fit all.

Furthermore, this type of tutoring will decrease the interest in the subject and defeat the purpose of tutoring. If you are meeting with a teacher one–on–one, they can provide you with the exact materials and help what you need for Exam Prepartation courses for all subjects. Your tutor should understand the learning needs. Tell them your strengths, weakness, goals, target score, etc to get a well understanding of you and help you with exam preparation according to it.