Many beginners in affiliate marketing are confused about the right item to sell. There are several other challenges faced by these affiliate marketers, but finding a product to sell is among the most daunting. Amazon is one of the most popular online market places ever and you can make a lot of money on this platform, provided you can locate the right item to sell and also understand how to sell. Not all products can generate adequate profit on Amazon. Some products are profitable, while some other ones are not so profitable. All you need is the right information about the easiest things to sell on Amazon.

In the remaining part of this write-up, you will learn how to pick the right product to sell on Amazon so that you can start making money by selling on Amazon like many other successful Amazon seller.

Consider books

Books are among the best items to sell on Amazon.  It is a very popular category and there are so many choices of books for Amazon sellers. But you also must choose right lest you end up selling books that will not get patronage. You can find many cheap books that you can list for sale on Amazon. The low cost price will encourage buyers to patronize you.  The cheap price is among the easiest things to sell on amazon. Things even get better if you buy books in bulk and list them for sale on Amazon, which will increase your profit margin.  You can sell books in different forms on Amazon, including paperback and software.

easiest things to sell on amazon

Fashion accessories

One other item that you can sell easily on Amazon is fashion accessory. It is easy to obtain the items out there today. They are available in various forms, including shoes, jewelries and clothes. You can source for many of these items from other sources and resell them on Amazon. There are many online platforms selling these fashion accessories at very cheap prices. However, make sure you only buy from outlets selling quality products so that you will not record too many returns.  Returns can cost  you in terms of money and reputation.

Best tool for all Amazon sellers

New tool you need for easy decision making on what to sell on Amazon is ZonBase Pro. This tool works for both small time and large scale Amazon sellers. Even the free version can assist you with your product choice. You do not have to be an expert before you can use the tool conveniently.